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What struck me immediately was the Australian voice
used in the program, rather than the typical US voice.
“My Orthodontics” is a neat way of conveying information easily, and it’s easy to use. I fill out the
proforma with the treatment plan marked, and my
team can create a customised CD for the patient
in minutes.

We also use the program live with the patient.
I think “My Orthodontics” is another step forward!

Pat Hannan, Sunshine Coast, Qld



My Orthodontics has proven to be a valuable patient education tool in our practice.

Patients take their My Orthodontics discs home after our Case Discussions to show others the why, what and when of their treatment. It is a great way to add value to the service we provide and is easy to use.

It carries our practice message into our patients’ homes and schools and impresses all those that view the program.

Jeff Lipshatz, Melbourne, Vic


I have been using My Orthodontics over the last 4 years with all patients receiving a personalised CD.

The reaction is always positive when presented to both adults and younger patients.  It is a bonus to be able to take the disc home and "play with it".

Customer support is excellent and I recommend it to all as a user friendly package for practice communication as well as patient education.

Dr John Fricker, Manuka, ACT



My Orthodontics is an excellent tool for collating patient images.

The staff love to produce customised CD's to help educate our patients. The description of risks increase our confidence in treating patients.

    Dr Chris Orloff, Perth. WA


I am very pleased how My Orthodontics has impacted our practice. It allows for a greater understanding of a patient’s problems by patients and parents, especially the parent who was not able to attend.

It allows for better appreciation of the orthodontic problems, recognition of the appliances, appliance maintenance, oral hygiene techniques and problem management. The video clips are excellent and it is an excellent marketing tool.

I have no hesitation in recommending My Orthodontics to other Orthodontists.

Dr Ian Watson, West Lakes, SA



We at Hills Orthodontics have been using My Orthodontics for over 18 months, seeing it become an important link in our programme of informed consent. It helps to reinforce to patients and their families the problems they have and how we can help correct them.

Often over half of what is discussed with our patients is forgotten before they even leave our surgeries. Using a technology familiar to all, My Orthodontics offers a friendly way of reminding everyone what was discussed and the instructions given. With My Orthodontics they can listen to, and review, all the important treatment information when they get home. And as often as they like!

Importantly, from a practice management viewpoint, My Orthodontics is very easy to use, readily fitting into our treatment planning and consultation process.

It takes me less than 30 seconds to tick the menu of options for each patient and then the staff spend only an additional couple of minutes to prepare the CD and have it ready for the patient.

My Orthodontics is easy to use, highly effective and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Dan Vickers, Sydney, NSW