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Image manipulation

My Orthodontics includes powerful image acquisition and editing tools to standardise your images and make your records look truly professional. Convert your existing photographs and radiographs to digital images with our custom TWAIN scanning interface.

Crop, flip and rotate patient photos. Adjust their colour balance, and remove “Red-eye” to make them look just right. Our unique macro feature lets you automate common tasks so your photos look great every time with just one mouse click.


My Orthodontics provides intelligent storage of your images and relevant clinical information. Store as many images and treatment stages as you need for each patient. Keep your miscellaneous photos separate so you can rapidly find and view images of particular interest.

Our deep search facility easily locates any patient information and images using patient and clinical criteria. Additionally, include your own key words with patients’ clinical details or their individual images to easily retrieve them later.

All information is stored in a powerful Microsoft SQL database that can be customised to your needs, for a practice of any size. For your complete peace of mind, your database can be backed up and restored easily using our custom-built incremental backup feature, saving you the time that would otherwise be needed to backup all your clinical data each and every time.