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Image display

Show your patients their clinical images on screen and they can more easily understand their problems and why treatment is needed.

Showcase images from before and after treatment. Present your images onscreen as a slide show either singularly, or as 2, 3, 4 or 6 images at a time.

Showcase your orthodontics

Build patient confidence by showing what treatment results you have been able to achieve.

Use our powerful database features to find similar cases and showcase similar treatments you have completed for your other patients ¹.

Image montages

Assemble and print your own clinical images as montages.

Use our pre-defined montage templates or simply create your own and save them to use over and over again.


Copy and paste image integration

Effortlessly place your pictures into Microsoft® Word™, Microsoft® PowerPoint™ or any other programme that supports “cut and paste” functionality.

¹     Subject to obtaining patient consent