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My Orthodontics Patient CDs can be used to explain treatment in your
practice and then given to each patient to take with them. Your patients
can view the multi-media presentations relevant to their own
orthodontic care at home.

These custom made CDs are created to contain each patient’s diagnosis
and treatment plan together with related information tailored specifically
to their needs.

Load your patient’s photos, select from a series of checkboxes,
include information about your practice and your My Orthodontics
software transfers the necessary information to specially prepared
Patient CDs.

A vast library of audio-visual presentations ensures these CDs are
specifically tailored to your patients’ needs.

Select from:

  35 orthodontic problems
  25 pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment procedures
  a comprehensive series of instructions including tooth brushing,
  flossing and mouthwashes, both with and without appliances
diet and elastics
  a variety of orthodontic emergencies and treatment risks.

All presentations are expertly written by a panel of specialist orthodontists, professionally recorded with an Australian voiceover and compiled as QuickTime® movies.

Customising Patient CDs

Customisable CDs and CD cases
At My Orthodontics we appreciate that you will want to customise
your CDs to suit your practice. You can tailor your CD cases to your
practice by simply adding a printed 12cmx12cm card inside the CD case
with the insert provided. Now you can add your name, logo and practice
details to your CDs more easily than ever before.

Your presentation CDs can be further personalised by ordering those
that have been professionally silk-screened with your practice logo
to completely convey the look and feel of your practice. This service is
offered for the one off cost of the additional artwork and films required
to personalise your CDs to your own specific requirements*.

Add your own photos and movies
One complete section of the Patient CDs is dedicated to you being able
to provide additional multimedia information about your practice.
You can include photos or movies together with some descriptive text
and a name for each button so your patients can readily access
information about you and your practice from the comfort of their
own homes.

By providing a script and images you want collated, audio-visual
presentations can be professionally voiced over, collated and compiled
as QuickTime® ready to be incorporated into your Patient CDs **.
Let your patients know what sets you apart and provide them with
all the information that you would like them to know.

Include your own documents
Add generic and patient specific documents and your patients can
access them directly from their My Orthodontics CD. No need to
concern yourself that paper based information has been lost or
destroyed in the bottom of school bags or misplaced never to
be seen again.

Include a copy of your written treatment details, quotes and payment
plans on CD. Remove the doubt as to whether such crucial information
was received initially.

* Subject to the volume of Patient CDs you order.
** For an additional nominal fee.