Updates for My Orthodontics version 3.5 and 4.0

My Orthodontics Updates

The update incorporates the latest feature enhancements, bug fixes, and new additions to My Orthodontics.

Please download this file to your computer and follow the instructions to install.

Download My Orthodontics - November 2007 Update


The update will install the latest support files for My Orthodontics version 3.5.

In addition to the support files, users of 4.0 and above will receive the latest version of the program (4.0.592).

Important change:

Press and hold the left mouse button to pan an image inside an image box. Images can be dragged from one image box to another by holding down the shift key and the left mouse button to move the image.

In previous versions of My Orthodontics, images were panned by holding the shift and left mouse button and moved by dragging and dropping the image without the shift key.


To make downloading easier, the update files have been packaged together as one file.